Personal Loans

A Helping Hand Whenever You Need It

Because Life Happens

Sometimes in life unexpected, or sometimes even expected, expenses come up. You find yourself in a situation where you might need to borrow money. Here at La Loma Federal Credit Union, we make it easy for you during moments like these.

We keep whats best for you in mind, always.


Our Signature Loan

Our most popular Personal Loan.Consolidate your high-interest debt into one convinient loan. La Loma Federal Credit Union personal loan for all life needs. Go on vacation. Put in a swimming pool. Pay student loans. All on your terms

Overdraft Line of Credit

Our Overdraft Line of Credit loan ties directly to your checking account with La Loma FCU. If funds are not available in your checking account, the overdraft transfer deposit works to keep a positive balance in your checking account. It assists members by avoiding NSF fees from the payee and credit union return fees. This is an unsecured line of credit loan up to $2,500 on approved credit. A definite benefit for those with busy lives.

Share Loans

These loans enable you to use your savings as collateral. The advantage to these loans are the low interest rates and no credit approval requirement. Up to 90% of your regular share deposit can be borrowed. Just another reason why La Loma should be your first choice for your loan needs.


Holiday Loans

Tired of the mounting credit card bills during the holidays or just not enough cash flow for those holiday expenses? La Loma’s Holiday Loan is the answer! Available every year from November through January, La Loma provides two loan options for the Holiday Loan.

Loan Amount                   $1500                            $1000

Interest Rate                    12.0% APR                     10.0% APR

Repayment Term             12 Months                    $105

Payments Start At           $108                               $105

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