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March 7, 2016


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Welcome to La Loma Federal Credit Union

boat loan

Float Your Boat Loan Here

If you love being on the water, you'll love our boat loans. It's smooth sailing with our quick approvals, competitive rates, and budget-friendly terms. Whether you're in the market for a kayak or a ketch, treat the purchase the same as you would if you were buying a vehicle by following these steps:

  • Do your homework. Read reviews in boating and fishing magazines and visit Web sites such as; talk to boat owners to get their opinions.
  • Comparison shop. Boats can be a major purchase; it's worth your time to scope out prices and availability, not only at dealers and boat shows, but also go to online sites such as craigslist and Drive around waterfront property and look for boats for sale by their owners.
  • Contact the credit union for a pre-approved loan. Taking care of the financing up front means you can negotiate as though you were a cash buyer.
  • Enjoy your summer on the water!